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2017 STAR Estate Chardonnay


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2017 STAR Estate Chardonnay


“Star Chardonnay is located in the Massale section of the vineyard, there is a small crest heading south due east of the FUGIO block that are clay and calcareous soils. This particular wine happens to be one of the oldest clone selections in California called “Wente.” The cool air blasting over our vineyard provides a perfect environment for Chardonnay to grow and allowing incredible aging potential. Elevation is the highest point currently on the Estate with consistent wind to compliment that elevation creating natural challenge in the vineyard. Like all Chardonnay from Pence Vineyards the grapes are picked on acidity creating a strong foundation in the wines freshness as well as a structure. As great Chardonnay ages the mouthfeel and color start to development providing beautiful soft texture with golden straw yellow color. Star Chardonnay still has many years of aging but taste delicious after 5 years from vintage. We encourage decanting this wine to truly showcase the aromas. Only 6 barrels of this wine produced in 2017.” -Josh Hamilton, Senior Educator and Lead Sommelier

Wine Specs

Vintage 2017
Varietal Chardonnay