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2020 Estate PTG Magnum


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2020 Estate PTG Magnum


Beautiful bright burgundy in color, aromas of red raspberry, tart cherries, plums, violet and geranium are in abundance on the nose. Soft and silky on the pallet, with vibrant acidity, this wine makes for perfect sipping with its refreshing, bright and juicy characteristics The depth and sophistication of a Pinot Noir with the levity and floral notes of a Gamay create an exceedingly versatile, well-balanced wine that is as
refreshing as it is age-worthy


For our PTG, we look specifically for the later ripening Pinot Noir grapes that can be harvested the same night as the earliest ripening Gamay. At the winery, the whole cluster fruit is processed and then sequentially layered into the concrete fermenters one varietal and then the other, back and forth, much akin to the making of lasagne. We use a special sealed fermenter that allows us to force carbonic maceration, wherein the carbon dioxide is trapped and the berries literally ferment from the inside out, exploding with one another and fully integrating the Pinot with the Gamay. Thus
the final blend occurs in the fermenter, from which the wine is transferred to neutral oak for aging. 960 cases. 12.5% alcohol.