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Blair Pence / Proprietor & Wine grower

A real estate developer by trade, Blair’s fascination with wine began over three decades ago while a student at USC. Displaying an insatiable appetite, he soon became a member of multiple wine societies and traveled around the world tasting the best of every growing region. It was always Burgundy, however, that held his focus and led to a fascination with the concept of terroir.

A California native with a brother living in Santa Barbara, it wasn’t long before Blair discovered the emerging viticulture of the central coast and purchased his first ranch. From there, it was only a matter of time before he found the perfect site. After years of creating commercial real estate projects, the vineyard at Pence Ranch is Blair’s most personal endeavor and the one that has rendered him the most satisfaction.

Using the discipline of his trade, Blair sought out the best person for each task as he methodically planned and developed the vineyard. Cutting edge science played a key role, replacing the traditional trial and error process ubiquitous to conventional viticulture. Realizing early on that the best quality control could only be attained by a full time crew, he proceeded to assemble a staff of dedicated people who could perform at the level required for success. Blair is literally at home on the ranch, whether in the vineyard, riding a horse, or hunting out back. He hopes that the passion he feels for this place is evident in the wines we produce.